Streaming link search enabled! Posted on 30 Mar 14:38

Starting today, you can use searchtype stream with the /api/search/ endpoint.

This means you now have full access to search video as well download links.


Beta quota raised from 3000 to 10,000/day Posted on 28 Mar 15:03

We decided to act on your feedback concerning beta quota and raised the daily rate limit of 3000 retrieved links to 10,000 for all beta keys.

Welcome to the API Posted on 21 Mar 15:46

We are proud to announce the launch of the alluc API.

In this early version, beta-testers can gain access to allucs database of 24 million download links. Beta access is free and will grant users access to execute queries retrieving up to 10,000 links per day. 

The API is also available on Mashape for free(with slightly higher latencies).

After beta we will start offering plans with higher rate-limiting.

Please send any feedback or support requests to 

For documentation check out: alluc-com-api-v0-1-documentation